Putting content in its place

What if all your content lived in one place? You could manage thousands of information sources across multiple locations. You could track the consumption of every subscription. You could take control of your current awareness. And work smarter. That’s what Linex does.

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Content Aggregation

Save time and resources by automating the aggregation of all external content your users require. Linex can crawl any website, manage any RSS feed as well as handle all your incoming emails from your subscription sources.

Monitor government and regulatory bodies, your clients, your panel firms and even your competitors. Take advantage of over 13,000 public sources already added to Linex, as well as being able to add your own.

Whether you are a law firm or in-house legal team, Linex can automate the aggregation of all your current awareness and competitive intelligence into a single searchable index.  Imagine having a single place to go to access all your information streams – wherever it comes from, and however it is provided. Sound impressive?

For the techies among you – Linex can crawl multiple levels deep and has no problems accessing your subscription content behind logins (so long as the publisher consents).

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Newsletter Curation

Build targeted newsletters in no time.  Get Linex to do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to only do the final review before publishing your newsletter out to your users.  Linex automates all the content gathering and filtering, wherever your content comes from, based on keyword queries and business rules, saving you hours of work.

Rely upon our predefined templates with customisable styles, logos and layouts to ensure your newsletters have that professional look and are error free. With our editing tools you can quickly edit titles and summaries of each article, highlight and order articles to give extra prominence, as well as add your own content and text.

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Smart Alerting

Bring all of your alerts and newsletters together into a single system, where you can centrally manage them.  Combine content from multiple sources to create shared alerts for groups of users and personal alerts to meet each user’s individual requirements.  And the great thing is that you can also include incoming alerts from your subscription sources.

No longer do users need to be bombarded by emails at random times during the day – and instead they can receive topic based alerts at set times, containing key information from selected publishers.

Linex provides a simple user interface for creating new alerts and subscribing users.  Administrators can centrally manage the whole process, but they can also enable “self service” for end users by integrating Linex with SharePoint. Imagine each user being able to view every alert that is available to them via a single page on your intranet.

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Take control of your Current Awareness

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