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Free ebook: Striking the Balance Between Content Curation & Automation

By Pip Christie | April 28, 2016

We are living in a knowledge economy. In an increasingly competitive industry, the one true differentiator left between law firms today is knowledge. What one lawyer knows over another could be...

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Linex in Dallas: Our time at SEAALL - SWALL Annual Meeting

By Rebecca Gebhardt | April 26, 2016

A mid-April weekend in Dallas is a fairly good choice on an average day; add the joint SEAALL - SWALL Annual Meeting and it’s a winning combination. The Dallas Association of Law Librarians hosted...

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Why Our World Would End if Legal Librarians Disappeared

By Pip Christie | April 21, 2016

There is a common misconception that, as the online information age ploughs on everstrong, libraries are going to disappear forever. This sits in line with the perception that librarians require...

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Information Specialists’ Biggest Blunder with Paid Content

By Pip Christie | March 30, 2016

We all know that in today’s society you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better quality of product you tend to get, or at least one would expect so. Paying for content provides your end...

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4 Legal Marketing Tools Your Competitors Are Using to Stay Ahead

By Pip Christie | March 10, 2016

So I hear you’re a marketing superstar. You’re doing every single thing within your power, and knowledge, to keep your firm’s marketing in tip top shape. You’ve been writing numerous blog posts...

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Topics: Technology, Productivity, Work smarter, Automation, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, Media Monitoring

7 Quick Tips to Improve Relationships with Frustrated Lawyers

By Pip Christie | March 4, 2016

In a high pressure environment such as law firms it’s to be expected that, on occasion, tensions are going to run high, and legal librarians often find themselves facing the brunt of this. For a...

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Topics: Productivity, Work smarter, Library

Stop Drowning in Content and use Automation to Simplify your Life

By Nico Watson | February 16, 2016

Does your job feel like trying to keep your head above heaps of content? It’s time to take action to stop wasting your time and increase your current awareness.

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Topics: Productivity, Work smarter, Current awareness, Content Management, Automation

Keeping Content King

By Emily Baldwin | February 9, 2016

"Content is king" - that saying, coined by Bill Gates in 1996, is true now more than ever before. However, the value of content is directly proportional to the relevance of the content one is...

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