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We are exhibiting at #SLA2015!

By |May 15th, 2015|

We would like to invite you to visit us at SLA 2015 on June 14 – 16, at stand 815 in Boston’s Convention and Exhibition […]

New Website Announcement!

By |April 30th, 2015|

Here at Linex we are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website.

We have shifted to a client-centric layout making it easier […]

Content Curation Explained

By |April 27th, 2015|

The Pamorama (not a type) website has a recent post about Content Curation, with 5 infographics to share. Although Pam Dyer’s main topic is social […]

How Cell Phones Work

By |April 16th, 2015|

It’s that simple.

Augment Everything

By |April 14th, 2015|

Automation is not a four letter word. As you can well see.

In our office jobs we all spend a certain portion of our time doing […]

Literary Crime

By |April 10th, 2015|

Truth be told, it is not that difficult to frazzle a librarian:

Gamification and Employee Engagement

By |April 9th, 2015|

I link to an infographic created by Cognizant and shared by the Undercover Recruiter, about the advantages of using Gamification for employee engagement.

The first part […]

Improbable Libraries

By |April 7th, 2015|

Looking for a coffee table book?

Try Improbable Libraries: a visual journey to the world’s most unusual libraries.

Were you fooled?

By |April 2nd, 2015|

Just a selection of some of this year’s April Fools’ pranks. What was your favourite?

Technological development nowadays is astounding, both in terms of research and […]

KM News Roundup

By |March 31st, 2015|

As the seasons change and turn, the KM newsmill continues to churn, and below are some highlights from amongst the month of March posts.
If you […]