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We (OK, Rebecca mainly) muse on our favourite online tools, knowledge management practices and where we want to take our technology. 

Augment Everything

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Augment Everything

Automation is not a four letter word. As you can well see.

In our office jobs we all spend a certain portion of our time doing repetitive or low-value added work. We do it because it is work required to achieve the final high-value added outcome.

Automation does not replace the human: automation replaces the low-value added tasks. Leaving you free to perform the Augmentation.

Gamification and Employee Engagement

Thursday, 09 April 2015

Gamification and Employee Engagement

I link to an infographic created by Cognizant and shared by the Undercover Recruiter, about the advantages of using Gamification for employee engagement. 

The first part shows researched statistics, and then it moves in to the juicy bits of what Gamification is, why it should be used and what are the key points to consider. 

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