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We (OK, Rebecca mainly) muse on our favourite online tools, knowledge management practices and where we want to take our technology. 

Brand Your Work

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Brand Your Work

Via an article on the Content Marketing Institute website I came to a post on entitled Why All Your Visual Content Needs To Be Branded. I approach this piece by paraphrasing it’s title, to “why all your content needs to be branded”, even when it is not, so to speak, “yours”.

Our clients are delivering content originally created by outside publishers, but they are making it their own through annotation, editing and even just content selection and ordering. Even when that delivery is fully automated, what content is selected and how it is presented is a conscious decision made by Linex client Administrators.

Legal Research - from School to Practice

Monday, 19 January 2015

Legal Research - from School to Practice

Last week ALLA held another lunch discussion on the hot topic of "The Current State of Legal Research Training in Atlanta”. Law Librarians from Georgia State University, John Marshall Law School and Emory, as well as Smith Gambrell & Russell, Alston & Bird and Chamberlain spoke about what they do in their respective roles with regards to legal research training.

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