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We (OK, Rebecca mainly) muse on our favourite online tools, knowledge management practices and where we want to take our technology. 

Twitter: Information Network

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Twitter: Information Network

This is how Ev Williams, one of its founders, describes Twitter, taking its impact slightly beyond “social media” or “microblog”. Bearing in mind this definition: what do we make of Twitter as a research tool?

There is the broadcast side of Twitter, which in of itself is wide and diverse. You can get information by, from and about a certain institution or organisation. For example: see all tweets by @SCOTUS or @SCOTUSblog. If you are tracking a particular industry or practice area, you may be better served by tweets that mention, say, both the “SCOTUS and antitrust”.

Use of Social Media in the Library

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

This is the title of a recent Partner Talk webinar hosted by the Special Libraries’ Association. The speaker conducted a poll about the use of social media in a variety of library types, and presented her findings and suggestions.

There were some surprising points made, not least the fact that barely half of all respondents currently use social media in their libraries. While at first this seems like a high percentage, I would still have expected a larger number to have one form or another of social media employed.

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